Thursday, October 30, 2014

Countdown to Halloween Random Toy Grab Bag

Tomorrow is Halloween!  Are you ready?  I'm kicking off my day-before festivities with this post of random monster toys.  Later on today I'll be taking a look at Bif Bang Pow's Twilight Zone figures.  But first, let's dip in to the Random Halloween Toy Grab Bag...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Retro Wednesday! Funko ReAction Freddy Krueger

For our second Retro Wednesday figure of the day, we'll be looking at that lovable scamp, A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger!  What sort of hilarious hijinks will this rascal be getting into?  Let's find out after the break!

Retro Wednesday! Funko Universal Monsters The Wolf Man ReAction Figure

Only two days 'till Halloween!  Today, were spending Retro Wednesday with two Funko ReAction figures.  First up is The Wolf Man, from the Universal Monsters series.  Let's check out our hairy friend after the break...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sideshow Toys' Frankenstein's Monster Boris Karloff Action Figure (1998)

Halloween is almost here!  Today, I have a special, deluxe, "one day late" edition of Sundry Mondays, my recurring feature where I review sundry toys that don't fit into my Retro Wednesdays or Vintage Fridays reviews, basically everything that isn't a retro or vintage 3 3/4 or 4 inch action figure.  Yeah, I know I already had a Frankenstein theme during week 2 of the Countdown to Halloween, but this is week 5, where anything goes... and you can never have too much Frankenstein!  So let's check out Sideshow Toys' Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster action figure after the break!

Halloween Week Begins With My Custom Phantom Hellscape Playset!

My original goal for the Countdown to Halloween was to do one post a day, and to have a unique horror theme for each week.  I've missed a few days here and there, but I've also posted two or three posts in one day on others, so over all, I'm still ahead.  However, as we head into week 5, I'm having a tough time keeping it up.  Work and other things have gotten in the way a bit, and eaten up more of my blogging time than I anticipated they would.  So for the rest of the week, I'm going to change it up a bit.  Instead of doing a theme (this week was supposed to be "Supernatural Evil: A week of Ghosts, Demons, and Mythological Creatures") I'm just going to be doing a catch-all horror week.  This will allow me to finish up some of the posts that were supposed to be done earlier this month, but didn't get finished in time.  Also some of the posts will be a little shorter than usual, just a few pics and some brief text.  I currently have 12 unfinished Halloween toy features, although a few of them I will probably combine into group features.  I'm going to have to drop my last couple of movie reviews I had planned, though, for now (those take too long to write and edit all of the screencaps).  Still I've got plenty of stuff to finish out the week, and my plan is to do two posts a day until Halloween.  So week 5 of my countdown, now known simply as "Halloween Week," begins now...

I've been using a variety of different playsets in the backgrounds of my Halloween action figure photo shoots.  Several of them were McFarlane Toys playsets, which I also reviewed.  I also used a few Fisher Price Imaginext playsets that I picked up at thrifts stores.  One of my playsets is unique, though.  It's my "Phantom Hellscape" playset, which I made by combining a couple of preexisting playset pieces, with a few cheap add-ons I picked up at the dollar store, and giving them a custom paint job.  Read more about it after the break!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Beyond the Stars and Beneath the Waves Music Playlist

Hi guys!  Today is supposed to be the beginning of week 5 of my Countdown to Halloween, but I'm running a little behind schedule.  So instead here is my final post for week 4, my Beyond the Stars and Beneath the Waves Music Playlist.  Every week, I've been listening to music that matches my weekly themes as I prepare my blog posts, to help put me in the right frame of mind.  Then I attempt to make playlists on YouTube and Spotify that match the music I'm listening to at home.  Since neither YouTube nor Spotify have every music track ever recorded on them, I can't always get the exact songs I want.  Sometimes I replace them with a similar track, or other times I just skip them.  YouTube is usually the closest match, and this week is no exception.  My playlist consists of:

  1. PJ Harvey - Seagulls
  2. Angel Witch - Atlantis
  3. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Kill Surf City
  4. The B-52's - Rock Lobster
  5. Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
  6. U2 - The Ocean
  7. Cranes - Underwater
  8. Nine Circles - Twinkling Stars
  9. Prinzhorn Dance School - You Are The Space Invader
  10. Chrome - Eyes On Mars
  11. The Lothars - Dust Mah Space Broom
  12. Louis & Bebe Barron - Forbidden Planet: Main Titles - Overture
  13. Ronald Stein - Not of This Earth! (Main Title)
  14. Ferrante and Teicher - The Man from Mars
  15. Wipers - Alien Boy
  16. Brownsville Station - The Martian Boogie
  17. Cindy Nahaeeka - Alf Song
  18. Graham Coxon - People of the Earth
  19. The B-52's - Planet Claire
  20. The Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack
  21. DeForest Kelley - "He's Dead, Jim" (Star Trek audio clip)
The embedded playlists are after the break...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Humanoids From the Deep (1980)

I wasn't expecting much from Humanoids From the Deep.  I mean, it stars Doug McClure for Pete's sake....... that's not exactly the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval."  But still, I was surprised by just how bad this movie was.

The production quality of this film was really cheap.  So cheap, that when I first watched it, I thought to myself, " Hey, I didn't know this was a low budget made-for-TV movie!"  And then the Deep Humanoids started tearing off women's clothes and raping them.  It looked like they spent the entire production budget on boobs.  The scenes with naked women almost seem like they were spliced in from a different, higher-budget movie.  It turns out there's a reason for that.  Apparently, producer Roger Corman wasn't pleased with the job director Barbara Peeters did directing the nudity and rape scenes (A female director not down with the exploitation of women?  Imagine that!) and brought in a second, male director in post production to film additional scenes of rape and nudity.  The final film ended up being quite a different beast from what it was in the original script.  Director Peeters and female lead Ann Turkel were so disgusted by the changes they asked to have there names removed from the film.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vintage Friday! Socket Poppers/Con-Nec-Tors Swamp Monster, Mutant, and Cyclops (1990)

Vintage Fridays!

Are you ready for a bonus Saturday edition of Vintage Fridays?  This week's theme is "BEYOND THE STARS AND BENEATH THE WAVES: A Week of Space Monsters and Sea Creatures!"  And we've got that covered and then some in this post!  Today I'll be looking at three vintage monsters from the Socket Poppers/Con-Nec-Tors toylines.  Grumo the Swamp Monster, Alantide the Mutant, and Trilor the Cyclops.  In addition to the toy review, I also made a scary (or maybe just a kind of weird) Halloween photocomic starring these figures, along with a few vintage action figure guest stars.  Let's check it out after the break...
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