Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Universal Monsters Select "Son of Frankenstein" Action Figure - Diamond Select (2015)

Universal Monsters Select Son of Frankenstein Action Figure (2015)
Because you can never have enough Boris Karloff action figures, here is Boris Karloff once again as Frankenstein's Monster from the 1939 film "Son of Frankenstein." Son of Frankenstein was the third Universal Frankenstein film, and Karloff's last starring as the Monster. This figure is from Diamond Select, and has the improved articulation that their newer figures have, with "over 16 points of articulation."  It has a great sculpt and paint job, and comes with an awesome diorama base featuring some rubble from Father Frankenstein's lab and a piece of preserved lab equipment.  It also comes with the prosthetic arm of Lionel Atwill's police inspector from the movie, which is a bizarre but morbidly fun addition.   Look for more monster figures coming up though November on this blog, since I never got all of my Halloween posts finished in time for October's MONSTER MONTH (but that's okay, because "Everyday is Halloween").

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