Sunday, January 25, 2015

Legends of Cthulhu "The Professor" and "The Deep Ones" 4 Inch Retro Action Figures - Warpo (2015)

I've been spending all week playing with and photographing my new set of Legends of Cthulhu action figures from Warpo.  I ended up taking so many photos that it's taking me forever to sort through them all, so I decided to split my review up into a few different posts.  So today I'll be looking at The Professor and The Deep Ones.  Both figures feature the standard retro style 5 points of articulation.  The Deep Ones come with a spear, and the Professor comes with a gun and a small green Cthulhu idol.  The Professor is about 4 inches tall, and the Deep One is about 3 1/2, and they fit in great with similar sized figures like Kenner Star Wars or Funko ReAction.

The Professor is a nice figure.  He has a good sculpt that that is simple and retro, yet still has lots of nice details and personality to it.  But my favorite figures are the Deep Ones.  Everything about these guys are fantastic.  The sculpt is perfect, it's simple and cartoony, yet still full of creepy details.  And the paint job on the figure is great.  It's got several different flat colors, as well as some really nice airbrushing to to add shading and bring out the details.  They've done a really good job with doing a more modern detailed paint job, that still is simple enough to retain that retro feel from the 1970s or '80s.  Check out my photos of these figures after the break...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Got My "Legends of Cthulhu" Delivery!

Just got my Legends of Cthulhu shipment in from Warpo Toys!  I'll be having a full review and photo series of these action figures later this week, but here's a quick pic of all the figures I got  just got to tide you over until then.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Batman Classic TV Series 25 Piece Crime Fighting Accessory Pack

Today I'm playing with the Batman Classic TV Series 25 Piece Crime Fighting Accessory Pack from Figures Toy Company.  It's a collection of great accessories to go with FTC's line of Batman '66 8 inch Mego-Style retro action figures.  The accessory pack comes with a pair of alternate "Bat Breather" heads for Batman and Robin, a spare utility belt, 3 sets of Batcuffs, 3 sets of Batarangs, a briefcase crime lab, a bust of William Shakespeare, 2 Batphones, a Bat Bazooka, a set of Oceanic Repellent Bat Sprays, a bomb, 2 radios, 2 walkie-talkies, and 2 Bat-Shileds.  All of these accessories come straight from the TV show or the 1966 Batman movie, and they are must haves if you are setting up a Batcave diorama, or just need some fun stuff for your figures to play with.

Oceanic Repellent Bat Sprays

I do have a few minor complaints with these accessories.  The briefcase crime lab doesn't fit in Batman's hand very well.  He can hold it, but you have to balance it just right.  The bazooka is too heavy to be supported by these figures' arms, and they can only hold it pointing down.  And I'm not really keen on the alternate heads.  I tried to swap the heads out, but it felt like I was going to break the necks of my figures popping their heads off, so I ended up not doing it.  It probably would have been fine if I heated the figures up first, but I didn't feel like going to all that trouble.  A smaller gas mask/rebreather that fit over the figures' heads would have been a nicer choice.  Still, for the most part. I'm really happy with these accessories.  I hope we'll see even more stuff like this from FTC in the future.  I'd love to get some bat computer pieces, and maybe even a Batmobile or Batcave playset out of this line.

More pictures after the break!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alien Wave 2 Kane With Facehugger Retro Action Figure - Funko/Super7 (2015)

Today I have a few photos of the Kane with Facehugger figure from the second wave of Funko and Super 7's Alien Reaction line.  This Kane figure (along with his partner Kane with Chestburster) is the first figure from the Alien ReAction line that is not based on a vintage Kenner prototype.  There are aspects of this figure that I don't like, and other things that I do.  I find his face sculpt to be overly bland and generic.  While it blends in fine with the face sculpts from other ReAction lines, I don't think it fits in very well with the other Alien figures, who all have more detailed faces.   I find his all white outfit to be overly bland as well.   It would have been nice if the had gone maybe with some off white or very light gray for some of his outfit, just to provide some visual variety.  As it is, it looks unfinished.  The facehugger, on the other hand, is fantastic.  It pops on and off of his head easily, and it looks really creepy and cool.
So, overall I'm a fan of the figure, even if I have a few complaints.  Below the break I have a few photos of the figure so you can judge it for yourself.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Alien Wave 2 Xenomorph With Metallic Flesh Retro Action Figure - Funko/Super7 (2015)

Happy New Year, everybody!  For my first post of 2015, I'm taking a look at the Funko ReAction "Alien With Metallic Flesh" action figure, part of the second wave of ReAction figures based on the 1979 movie "Alien."  This figure is basically the same Alien figure that launched the ReAction line two years ago (check out my review of the original figures here), but cast in a different color and with different paint apps.  This new figure is based on the look of the old 18 inch Kenner Alien figures from 1979, and it's really cool looking.  It's cast in a sort of pearlescent black or dark gray that captures the light really well, and it looks great in person.  This color really makes the details in the sculpt pop!  I also think the skull-like paint around the eyes and the silver teeth look really good as well.  This color scheme may be less movie-accurate, but it makes for a great looking action figure.

Check out a few more photos after the break, and keep an eye on this blog during the next couple of weeks, as I'll be looking at the other wave 2 Alien figures as well.