Batman's Weirdest Villains
As an ongoing feature, I am writing about some of the strangest, most colorful, and just plain weird villains that have appeared in Batman's comic books over the years.

Jimmy Olsen's Greatest Costumes and Disguises
Counting down my top 15 favorite costumes and disguises of Jimmy Olsen, from the pages of the Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen comic books.

More Jimmy Olsen

The Rock 'N' Roll Superman
"The Rock 'N' Roll Superman!" Two of my favorite things in the world are comic books and rock and roll, so imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this little gem from an old issue of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. Our story begins as Jimmy Olsen goes to visit his rock star cousin, Jerry, aka the one and only Rock'N R'Olsen. Gosh, I wonder what kind of shenanigans will ensue?

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