Wednesday, January 1, 2003

Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Gallery: Preview

This post originally appeared, in a somewhat different format, on my old website, "Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Gallery" at  That website is now offline, although an archived version of it is available at  Much of the information is now out of date, and many of the links may be inactive, but I'm keeping it online here for posterity's sake.

Preview: January, 2003
This is an early version of this webpage, I'm still working out a few bugs and what not before it's done. I will not be making skins available to download from this page, because this is just a free webpage with limited bandwidth. Instead, I'll be setting up a seperate site (possibly a Yahoo group, but I'm not sure yet) where I will direct you to download the skins. You can use this site to preview my skins before you download them, and to see what new things I'm working on, and stuff like that. All the links should be working, and most of the pictures should be up as well, so feel free to take an early look around.

Most of these skins are still available from, but I have since updated most of them with minor tweaks and improvements. I also have several skins that have not been released anywhere. They are:

  • Yvonne Craig as Batgirl
  • Donny Most as Ralph the Mouth
  • Batman
  • "New Look" Batman
  • Robin
  • Batgirl
  • Two-Face (this is not the same Two-Face skin I had made earlier, it's completely new)
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Superman
  • Clark Kent
  • Bizarro No. 1
  • A Bizarro Superman
  • Aquaman
  • The Atom
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Hawkman
  • The Manhunter from Mars
  • Snapper Carr
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Arrow
  • ...and most of the skins in the "Mystery Skins" section. 


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