Friday, May 9, 2003

Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Gallery: Update: All Skins Online, New Batman TV Skins in the Works

This post originally appeared, in a somewhat different format, on my old website, "Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Gallery" at  That website is now offline, although an archived version of it is available at  Much of the information is now out of date, and many of the links may be inactive, but I'm keeping it online here for posterity's sake. 

 Update: May 9, 2003
All Skins Online, New Batman TV Skins in the Works

I finished uploading all of my skins to my Yahoo! Group last month, but I forgot to update this page with the info, sorry about that. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on skins for The Joker, The Riddler, and Catwoman from the TV show. They should be up pretty soon, and I put some previews up in my Batman 1966 section. The Joker is a very nice likeness of Cesar Romero, I think. Here's a peek at him, although at a higher resolution than you will probably want to use in the game: 

The Original Picture Has Been Lost!

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