Friday, January 16, 2004

Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Gallery: Update: New Superman Stuff

This post originally appeared, in a somewhat different format, on my old website, "Atomic Robot's Freedom Force Gallery" at  That website is now offline, although an archived version of it is available at  Much of the information is now out of date, and many of the links may be inactive, but I'm keeping it online here for posterity's sake.

Update: January 16, 2004
New Superman Stuff

I've got a few variations of versatile meshes, as well as updated versions of my Superman Family skins. 

First up is PV_Kent_Atomic, a variation of the Pulp Versatile Suit mesh with a hat, glasses, and a standard skin of Clark Kent. 

Then I've got FV_Supergirl_Atomic, a variation of the Female Versatile mesh with a lengthened skirt, shortened cape, and a standard skin of the silver age Supergirl.

The last mesh is PV_Luthor_Atomic, a variation of the Pulp Versatile mesh that comes with two skins of Lex Luthor. This mesh has a science fiction style gun, and a glowing "kryptonite" wand.
Finally, I've updated all of my Superman skins to larger, higher-resolution sizes. I've also made some tweaks and changes to some of these skins, the most signifigant being Brainiac who now has a new face and belt. All of my Superman skins are available from my first yahoo group.

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