Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jaws ReAction Figures from Funko

The Love Boat

Here's a few photos I took of the Jaws ReAction figures from Funko.  I have all the standard figures from this series: Brody, Hooper, Quint, and the Shark.  There's also a limited set that comes with a bloody version of the Shark and Quint, and Quint has an alternate headsculpt with a headband instead of a hat.  I don't have that one, but if you're a big Jaws fan, it's probably worth it to track one down.

I think this is a really great group of figures, even though it's just a bunch of dudes in street clothes.  I think it's because each figure is sculpted really well, and closely resembles the character from the movie.  But what I really love is the inclusion of the shark.  That's what really pushes this series over the top.  The shark has a hinged mouth, and you can fit an action figure inside him to make it look like the shark is eating him, which is fun, fun, fun.  I really hope this is the direction Funko takes ReAction in the future, with better likenesses and fun playset-type accessories, like the shark.


I do have one complaint, because my Quint figure's head snapped off while I was taking these photos.  And I wasn't being rough with it at all, it just seems like the neck peg was made out of some really cheap corroded plastic.  Hopefully my bad Quint neck was just a random case of bad luck, and not a major problem with figures.  I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else, but I have had an uncomfortable amount of quality control issues with ReAction figures, so I don't know...  But still, I really like these figures as a whole.  Check out my pictures of them after the break!

Back Packaging


Three Aquamen

Portrait of a Brody

Arrr!  'Tis be the Dread Pirate Quint!

Matt Hooper

Hooper Plans to Take Embarrassing Photos of the Shark and Thus Shame it to Death

Chief Martin Brody, or "Marty the Party" as He is Referred to in Most of the Movie

Quint the Shark Hunter

The Headless Fisherman

Seafood Buffet

Just a Dream and the Wind to Carry Me


Throwing Muses - Shark

Split Enz - Shark Attack

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  1. that sucks that his head popped off, the shark looks rather cools-ville.