Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bat-Music #25 - The Musical Stylings of Burgess Meredith

Bat-Music #25 - The Musical Stylings of Burgess Meredith
In previous installments of Bat-Music, we've looked at the records that Batman stars Adam West, Frank Gorshin, and Burt Ward made to cash in on their new-found Batman fame.  Today, we'll be looking at "The Penguin" actor Burgess Meredith's attempt.  While he was primarily an actor, Meredith did have a few records under his belt prior to the 1966 Batman TV series.  His records tended to feature a combination of singing and spoken word and included such titles as "Songs and Stories of the Gold Rush,"  "Burgess Meredith Sings Songs From How The West Was Won," and "Burgess Meredith Reads Ray Bradbury." 

A Selection of Burgess Meredith's Vinyl Records
Here's "At the Miners' Ball," a track from Songs and Stories of the Gold Rush:

Burgess Meredith - At the Miners' Ball

For his obligatory musical cash-in on the popularity of Batman, Meredith recorded a two-sided single in his persona as The Penguin: "The Capture," and "The Escape."  Both tracks feature the same music, with Meredith sing-speaking over the music William Shatner style, spinning a story of the Penguin's Capture by the Batman, and his subsequent escape.

Burgess Meredith - The Capture

Burgess Meredith - The Escape


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