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Star Trek Mirror Universe Kirk and Spock 8 Inch Retro Action Figures - Mego Corporation (2018)

Star Trek Mirror Universe Kirk and Spock 8 Inch Retro Action Figures - Mego Corporation (2018)
After 35 years, Mego is back, and they are making new figures for one of their all-time classic figure lines: Star Trek!  This action figure two-pack is part of Wave 1 of the new Mego figures, and features the "Mirror Universe" version of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

The window box

The figures come packed in a triangular window box with a diorama background of the transporter room of the ISS Enterprise (the Mirror Universe version of the USS Enterprise).  Both Kirk and Spock come equipped with a dagger, a phaser, and a communicator.

Spock and Kirk in front of the diorama backdrop.

This is basically an updated version of the Mirror Universe Kirk and Spock figures released by Diamond Select and Emce Toys in 2012.  There are two main differences.  The new Mego figures have faces that are molded in flesh colored plastic, whereas the DST/Emce versions had their skin painted on their faces.  These newer versions look a little nicer as a result, and match up better with the other Star Trek figures from the 1970s and 2000s which also were molded in flesh colored plastic.  One slight downgrade however, is that Spock's beard is just painted on with the new version, but on the 2012 version it was actually sculpted.  I think the faces being molded the correct color is a nice enough upgrade that I prefer these new versions to the old ones.


These figures were released in September 2018 as part of Mego's exclusive distribution deal with Target stores.  They are available now in Target retail stores, and at  Wave 1 also featured new Star Trek figures of Chekov and Sulu.  Wave 2 from October had Mr. Spock and The Gorn.  And Wave 3, which should be hitting stores right now, has another "Mirror Universe" two-pack with Sulu and Uhura, plus the Romulan Commander, and a new "Green Shirt" version of Captain Kirk.  So if you are a fan Star Trek Mego figures, this is a really great time, with rereleases of classic figures, as well as all new figures.

Commander Spock

Spock's Beard

Blue Plastic Phaser and Communicator


The Diorama Backdrop - Unfortunately it's full of holes where the figures were attached to it.
Star Trek

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