Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toy Collection, Part 2: New, Used, and Vintage

Here's a few of my latest acquisitions for my toy collection:

Talking Batman Alarm Clock
I used to have one of these when I was three years old, it's one of my most vivid childhood memories. I had no use for an alarm clock at that age, but I loved it anyway, because I could hear Batman talking to me. Now, thanks to ebay, I have this again.

Mystery Incorporated Action Figures
 I found Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne in a bag of random toys at a local thrift store. They didn't have Scooby, but I bought it anyway. A few weeks later, I found Scooby in another random bag of toys at the same store. Now I have the complete set!

Venture Brothers Action Figures
A collection of new Venture Brothers action figures from Bif Bang Pow toys. On the left are two 3 3/4 inch Brock Samson action figures. The standard version in black, and the limited edition 2012 San Diego Comicon version in a blood-smeared white t-shirt.

Then I have an assortment of retro Mego-style 8 inch action figures/dolls. These are the way they used to
make action figures in the '60s and '70s: plastic dolls with removable cloth outfits. These days they mostly only make girl's dolls like this, like Barbie, or Bratz, for instance. But back in the day, they used to make boy's toys, such as the original G.I Joe, Captain Action, The Six Million Dollar Man, Mego's World's Greatest Superheroes and lots of others, in this style.

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