Monday, September 3, 2012

Toy Collection, Part 3: Batman and Vincent Price

1966 Batman Coloring Book
Coloring books are cool-looking but relatively inexpensive vintage Batman items to collect.  I love the artwork from this era.  I'm hoping to get a few more coloring books, then framing them on hanging them on my wall. Some of the pages in this book have been colored in, but that's okay with me since I'm buying it to display anyway. Bought on Ebay.
 Hangman by Milton Bradley.  I love this box because it has the great Vincent Price (one of my favorite actors) on it.  I used to have a collection of vintage board games years ago, including this one, but I got rid of them, and now I regret it.  Most of the games I had in my old collection were ones with celebrities on the cover, like the Bionic Woman, and Murder, She Wrote.  This box is a lot more beat up than my old one, but it will do as a replacement for now.  Bought at a local thrift store.
1966 Batman Frame Tray Puzzle
Similar to coloring books, puzzles are another cool-looking vintage item you can collect cheaply.  Man I love the artwork on this.  It's going to look great on display.  Bought on Ebay.

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