Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amazing Heroes "Amazing Man" 5 Inch Retro Action Figures - Fresh Monkey Fiction (2016)

The Modern Age and Golden Age Collide as Amazing Man Meets Amazing Man!

I reviewed the first series of Fresh Monkey Fiction's Amazing Heroes action figures back in January, but there were two figures that weren't released until a bit later, so I'm catching up with them right now.  It's Amazing Man!  Amazing Man was originally a character from the Golden Age of Comics, and was created by Bill Everett, who is famous as the creator of Marvel Comics' Sub-Mariner and Daredevil.  There are two versions of the Amazing Heroes Amazing Man action figure.  First, there is the classic Golden Age version of the character.  This figure is available direct from Fresh Monkey Fiction at their online store.  Then there is the newly revised version of the character, which is currently being published by Gallant Comics.  This version of the figure was created exclusively for Gallant Comics and is available to purchase from http://www.indyplanet.us/product/john-aman-amazing-man-action-figure/

Look out Kermit, YOU'RE NEXT!
Golden Age and Modern Comic Books.  Amazing Man Fighting Green Nazi Gorillas in WW2, and Fighting Radioactive Green Slime People With Mohawks (or something, I haven't actually read it yet) Today.  Bottom Line: If You Are GREEN, Amazing Man is Going to KICK YOUR ASS.
Both figures are the same action figure with a different paint job, but they went beyond just changing the costume details.  The Gallant Comics version has green eyes and unique pointy eyebrows, and the Golden Age version as a darker skin tone.

The Gallant Comics Version Comes With a Custom Backer Card, While the Golden Age Version uses the Standard Amazing Heroes Style Card

I've written about the Amazing Heroes figures before, so if you want more details about them check out my previous review.

And now we can eagerly await the launching of the Kickstarter for Series 2 this summer!  Check out the lineup:
Until then, there are more photos of Amazing Man (Men?) after the break...

With Secret Wars Accessories Borrowed From The Falcon and Dr. Doom

The Cardbacks

Front and Rear

Beware the Menace of Magneto!


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