Monday, May 9, 2016

Bat-Music #19 - The Marketts - The Batman Theme

Bat-Music #19 - The Marketts - The Batman Theme
This is one of many albums of instrumentals that was released to cash in 1960s Batmania.  it was easy to take a bunch of generic surf rock instros, slap Batman-themed names on them, and claim they were inspired by the show.  The Marketts album is a step above most of them, though.  They add things like bat sound effects, the Joker's laughter, vocal choruses with character names, and musical cues inspired by the Batman TV theme, so this album really does sound like it was legitimately inspired by the show.

  1. Batman Theme
  2. Bat Cave
  3. Robin the Boy Wonder
  4. Bat Signal
  5. Batmobile
  6. The Joker
  7. The Penguin
  8. The Bat
  9. Dr. Death
  10. The Riddler
  11. Bat Cape
  12. The Cat Woman

The Marketts - Batcave

The Marketts - Robin the Boy Wonder

The Marketts - The Joker

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