Friday, May 13, 2011

Football Humor Department: The Hand Puppet

Football humor.  Not my usual thing, but I am a fan, and I am pretty frustrated with the lock-out, epsecially since it seems to motivated primarily by greed on the part of the owners.  My Dad gave me the idea for this, and I drew it up in a couple of hours.  I think it came out pretty good.

I uploaded this art to Zazzle so people can buy t-shirts or prints of it.  I have no idea if anyone would actually want that, but it only took a few minutes to do, so I figured what the heck.  If you're interested, my Zazzle store is at .
Text of comic:
Hey kids!  Now you can own a genuine Roger Goodell Hand Puppet!

Pretend you are Roger Kraft, Paul Allen, or Jerry Jones and control everything Roger Goodell says and does, just like a real billionaire NFL owner!

You'll have hours of fun making Roger Goodell:
"Negotiate" with players!
"Care" about the fans!
"Love" the game of football!

It's a laugh riot!

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