Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never has a hairstyle been more Presidential

Oh boy!  Tonight's the night!  If you're like me, your very excited about the idea of Donald Trump running for President.  He hasn't officially announced he's running yet, but our wait is soon to over!  Yes, tonight, on the season finale of "The Apprentice,"  The Donald has promised to announce when he will be making an announcement!

Some people like to make fun of The Donald's hair, and say the American people will never elect a man with hair like that to be President.  But I say, that's ridiculous!  There has never been a hairstyle quite as presidential.  To prove it, I've added his hair to Presidents Lincoln, Obama, and Nixon.  And they look awesome!  If you thought these guys were great Presidents before, just look at them now!

President Lincoln with Donald Trump's Hair

President Obama with Donald Trump's Hair

President Nixon with Donald Trump's Hair

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I think these images PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Donald is a viable candidate, don't you think?

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