Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm going to post some more stuff. Hooray!

So I started this blog in 2009, posted stuff for about two months, and haven't posted anything since.  I'm guessing that's about average for people who use blogspot though, am I right?  Mess around with it for a little while, get bored after the novelty wears off, and move on.

Well, now I am back, at least until I get bored again in a few weeks.  I've got some drawings and comics that I've made in the last year or so that I'll post hear for awhile.  After I post all of those, well, I guess we'll find out as I go.

What you've got to look forward to:

Glenn Beck's Favorite Records
I've drawn versions of a bunch of classic album covers, but replaced the people originally on them with Glenn Beck. 

A dumb parody of Marmaduke comics, except instead of a Great Dane, it's a giant duck with a Gary Coleman fetish. 

Some random comics I drew 

Other Stuff
Other stuff -- not sure what.

Let the excitement begin!

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