Friday, September 28, 2012

Countdown to Halloween 2012

I'm currently gearing up this blog for October, when I'll be participating in the "Countdown to Halloween" this year!  I've recently redesigned the blog with the Countdown in mind, I think it's much more visually appealing and distinctive now.  My goal for the countdown is to do one Halloween related post every day in October leading up to Halloween on October 31st.  That's pretty ambitious for me, as my usual posting schedule is "once in a blue moon" and "every 17th Tuesday on a leap year."  I've been working on a backlog of posts ahead of time, though, so hopefully I'll be able to pull it off.

I have several "themes" I'll be emplying for my Countdown posts.  They include:

The Horrors of 1966: Movies and Music
This will include reviews and screencap collections from horror movies released in 1966, as well as a mixtape I'm working on of Halloween music from 1966.

The Horrors of 1966: Saturday Morning Horror
I'll be reviewing a variety of horror themed Saturday Morning Cartoons that originally aired in 1966.

Horror in Space
This category was inspired by the movie Alien.  It will include reviews and screencaps from Alien, as well as the movies that inspired Alien, such as It! The Terror from Beyond Space, and Queen of Blood, as well as movies that were in turn inspired by Alien, such as Saturn 3 and Galaxy of Terror.

Karloff the Uncanny
A celebration of the films of Horror's greatest icon: Boris Karloff.  I'll be reviewing several classic Karloff films, as well as some fun Boris Karloff action figures I have.

Creepy Comics and Art
I've got a couple of Jimmy Olsen posts planned for October: "The Top 10 Monster Transformations of Jimmy Olsen," and "The Top 10 Disguises of Jimmy Olsen."   I'm probably going to review a few scary comic books as well, but I don't have any specific titles picked out yet.

The Category of Random Halloween Stuff that Doesn't fit in any of the Other Categories
What well I post in this category, you ask?  Wait and see!  Honestly, possibly nothing, but I want to keep my options open. :)

The scares begin on October 1st!  Don't miss out on the fun!

Your pal,
Joshua the Atomic Robot

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