Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toywatch: Zica Toy's 3.75" Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures

Zica Toy's 3.75" Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures

Colonel Steve Austin (red tracksuit), Bionic Bigfoot, and Colonel Steve Austin (blue tracksuit)
Later this year, Zica Toys will be launching a new line of 3¾ inch Six Million Dollar Man action figures.  The figures are being done in a retro style, as if Kenner Toys had produced them during the late 1970s or early 1980s.  I love retro styled toys like this (I'm also looking forward to Super7's upcoming line of Kenner-style Alien action figures), and I'm super excited to buy them all.

The line will begin with two regular figures and one variant figure.  The figures will be:
  • Colonel Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man) in a red tracksuit.
  • A limited edition variant Steve Austin in a blue tracksuit.
  • Bionic Bigfoot (The Sasquatch Beast).
Cardbacks for the Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures.  Is that artwork fantastic, or what?

Although the toys will are not scheduled to be available until the fourth quarter of 2013 (think November or December), they are available for preorder right now.  There is a preorder promo going on right now, where you can get the two regular figures, plus the variant figure for only $49.99.  The promo ends on July 31st, after which the toy stores are going to be able to mark up the price on the variant figure.  So if you are thinking about buying these, especially the variant, I'd suggest you order them right now.  Here are some links if you are interested:

Big Bad Toy Store

Entertainment Earth

Note:  This post is NOT an advertisement, and I'm not making any money off of those links.  I just think this is a really great new toy line, and I wanted to share the info about it here on my blog.

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