Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"The Rocketeer" Retro Action Figure - Funko/Super7 (2014)

Retro Wednesdays

Starting today, I'm going to be starting a new weekly feature called "Retro Wednesdays," focusing on the new wave of retro, Kenner-inspired 3 3/4" action figures.  The bulk of these will be from Funko and Super 7's ReAction line, as well as any other figures I come across in this style, such as Bif Bang Pow's Twilight Zone figures, or Amok Time's upcoming Day the Earth Stood Still figures.  Some days I will have full reviews, other days I might just have a few quick photos, but I should have something fun about these figures to post every Wednesday.  Today's figure is The Rocketeer.  Read on to check him out!

The Rocketeer is from Funko and Super 7, and is part of their ReAction line of action figures.  This figure features the classic Kenner-style 5 points of articulation at the head, arms, and legs, and has a removable helmet and jetpack.  The helmet is a little large compared to the helmet in the movie and comics, but that was probably necessary to make it removable, so I think that's okay.  And, anyway, true-to-life realism is not what these kind of figures are all about, they should be a little bit stylized and cartoony.  The face sculpt doesn't really look like actor Billy Campbell, either, but again, that's forgivable in this type of figure.

The helmet comes on and off easily, but stays in place when you are playing with the figure, and the same is true of his jetpack.  There are some really nice little details on the sculpt, such as the buttons on the Rocketeer's shirt, and the rivets on his jetpack.  They even sculpted a little wad of gum on the jetpack where the Rocketeer used it to plug a hole, which is a nice touch.

The paint job for the most part looks really good, although I do have one error on my figure.  The paint application on his eyes is a little skewed on mine, so one eye is a little to high, and one is a little to low.  This gives him a sort of Alfred E. Neuman "What me worry?" look.  But despite this one flaw, I still really like this figure, and can't wait to see what the other ReAction figures are going to be like.  So check back next Wednesday, when I will be looking at either the Snake Plisken Escape From New York ReAction figure, or the limited edition Sloth from the Goonies SDCC 2014 figure.  Which one will I chose?  Come back next Retro Wednesday to find out!

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