Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Escape From New York" Snake Plissken Retro Action Figure - Funko/Super7 (2014)

Retro Wednesdays

This week's retro figure, again from our friends at Funko and Super7, is Snake Plissken, the character Kurt Russel played in the movie Escape From New York.  Snake Plissken the character was awesome, but is his action figure?  Read on to find out!

When I first saw pictures of this figure online, I wasn't especially impressed.  For one thing, I thought his neck was really long and awkward looking.  I assumed they did that on purpose, to make room for his long hair, while still allowing his head to turn back and forth.  Now that I have the figure in hand, I can confirm that the neck is kind of long, but does not really look bad at all in person, it just doesn't photograph well.  I think it has to do with the angle the figure is photographed at, as well as the way the proportions of the figure tend to get exaggerated when it is blown up in a photograph.

Another thing I didn't like in the pictures I saw online was his beard.  In the movie, Snake doesn't actually have a full beard, just really heavy stubble.  But the figure has his beard fully painted in, in the same brown color as his hair.  However, this is another instance where when I see the figure in person, I think it works.  On this small scale, painting on dots of stubble probably wouldn't work that well, the surface on his chin is just too small for that.

Front and back of the package.

Overall, I really like the looks of this figure.  The sculpt isn't a perfect likeness of Kurt Russel, but it's definitely in the ballpark, and looks as much like Kurt Russel as the old Kenner Star Wars figures look like their actors.  It resembles Russel much more than The Rocketeer figure resembles actor Billy Campbell.  The paint job is simple and clean with no serious errors.  The only problem I noticed was that some of his hair was unpainted flesh color under his right ear, but I only noticed that in my zoomed in photos of the figure.

This gun snapped in half.

The figure comes with two guns, a small silver revolver and a larger black machine gun.  However, the machine gun snapped in half the very first time I tried to put the gun in the figure's hand.  That sucked.  The revolver fared better, although it's compact design doesn't really have any spots that could easily break off.  I hope that quality control isn't going to become an ongoing issue with these figures, the way it did for the first wave of Funko's Game of Thrones Legacy figures.

Han "Who?"
The figure is slightly taller than some of my vintage Kenner figures, but still easily in the same scale.  He's also taller then the ReAction Rocketeer, so this may just be a design decision.  I think I would welcome some small variation in height between the various ReAction figures, as that will help to make them unique.  I look forward to comparing more figures from this line as the weeks go by.

Space Patrol

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  1. I have the jacketed Snake so far but not this one (still waiting for me preorder to arrive). I'm not only pretty happy with him but also amazed that the number of Snake Plissken action figures in existance has just exploded this year.

    Now c'mon Big Trouble in Little China!