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Power Lords Action Figures - The Four Horsemen (2014)

The Four Horsemen's Power Lords Action Figures
The Four Horsemen's Power Lords Action Figures
I just bought a big box of Power Lords figures from the Four Horsemen, and I think they are great.  Until recently the Four Horsemen have been releasing fan club exclusive figures, as well as lower priced "preview" versions of these figures, and now the final carded versions are available as well.  I never joined the fan club, and now I kind of regret it, because those figures looked pretty cool.  But what about the figures that I did buy?  Read on to find out!

I wish I would have joined the fan club and got these guys when I had the chance.
I do have some of the "preview" versions.  These figures use the same sculpts and weapons as the regular versions, but come bagged instead of carded, and have less detailed paint jobs.  These figures are generally soldiers, not specific characters, but they are great for army builders.  With my latest order from the Four Horsemen, as well as my past purchases, I know have 3 of the black Power Soldiers and 4 of the white Elite Power Soldiers to serve in Adam Power's army.  I actually wanted 4 of each, but the figures sold out while I was ordering them.  I also have 2 of the Green Ggrapptikks Grunt figures to serve as soldiers under the evil alien Ggripptogg.  These figures were also available in a variety of other color schemes as well.  Most of these bagged figures have since sold out from the Four Horsemen's store, but there were still some of the red colored Ophidian Squad Elite power soldiers and Green Ggrapptikks Grunt figures left while I was writing this.  But if you want some for yourself, I suggest you order them quickly before they are all gone.

The Bagged Figures

These guys make great army builders.
I also have all three of the official wide release carded figures: human being Adam Power, his alien alter ego Lord Power, and the evil alien Ggripptog.  Just like the Four Horsemen's Outer Space Men figures, the Power Lords come in collector friendly cards that can be opened up without damaging the packaging, and are secured inside with just one twist tie and a piece of tape, which were both very easy to remove.

Adam Power's Packaging, Front and Back
Adam Power and Lord Power both come with a staff, a rifle, and an alternate helmeted head.   Ggripptog comes with his "laser mace" and an alternate handle for the mace to turn it into a staff.  Ggripptog doesn't come with an extra head, but the head he does have can be rotated around to reveal a second face on the back.

Adam Power, Ggripptog, and Lord Power
The paint jobs on these guys are colorful, and for the most part really well done.  I only had two issues with the paint.  One of them was that there was some red paint smudges on Ggripptog's collar, presumably rubbed off from his head.  I could probably clean that off pretty easily if I wanted to, but I don't think I'll bother with it, because it's only visible when his head is removed.  The other issue was with Lord Power's weird alien veins.  Some of the veins are sculpted on his chest, but the paint job doesn't follow them.  It probably would have been better to not sculpt them on there at all if the paint job wasn't going to match it.  But honestly, I didn't even notice it when I was playing with the figures, only when I was looking at my photos afterward, and despite it I still think it's a great looking figure.

Ggripptog and his Grunts
The articulation on these figures is pretty good, especially for this scale.  I think maybe some abdominal articulation and ball jointed hips are the only things that it's really lacking.  However, I think that is more than made up for by it's use of Glyos joints, which allow you to pop the figures apart and reattach them to other figures, as well as swap parts with other Glyos figures from other toy lines.  The Glyos joint on my Ggripptog figure's elbow was a little loose, causing his arm to pop off a couple of times while I was playing with it, but it wasn't that big of a deal, and it's the only issue I've had with the joints on any of the 9 figures I've been playing with.

Ggripptog Disassembled
Power Smurf!
Swapping Parts Between Figures
Over all, I really like these figures a lot.  I wasn't much of a fan of the original 1980s line of Power Lords when I was a kid, so these toys don't hold any nostalgia value for me.  But I love The Four Horsemen's Outer Space Men figures, which also use Glyos joints, and are in the same scale, so I thought I'd take a chance on these, and I'm glad I did.  At this point, I plan on buying anything these guys put out in this scale, including Power Lords, Outer Space Men (although I think that line is finished, although I hope it continues), and their upcoming Mythic Legions figures, which they are planning on doing a Kickstarter for later this year or early next.

That's all for my review, but I've still got a bunch of photos, so keep reading past the break to check them all out...

"Power Warriors... Come out to pla-a-ay!"
Ggripptog and His Grunts Show Up to Hassle Adam Power at Volcan Rock

A Fight Erupts!
The Battle Rages On

Brave Power Soldiers Face the Terrifying Aliens
"Eat my laser staff, puny human!"
Note: I really don't know much about the backstory of these figures.
Sensing imminent defeat, mild mannered reporter Adam Power thinks, "this sounds like a job for Lord Power, man!"  He then utters the magic word "Shazam!" and transforms into Lord Power, aka the Big Blue Cheese!
"Eat power-fist, fish face!"

"I have the power!"
The Evil Aliens are Rounded Up

The Two Faces of Ggripptog

Adam Power says, "Remember kids, always wear a helmet and knee-pads when skateboarding with evil aliens!"
Space Patrol

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