Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Star Trek Select: Mr. Spock Action Figure by Diamond Select (2013)

Star Trek Select: Mr. Spock Action Figure by Diamond Select (2013)
Since 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I'd like to review more Classic Star Trek toys.  So today I'm taking a look at Diamond Select's Star Trek Select: Mr. Spock Action Figure.  The figure comes packaged with a diorama base of the Horta from the Star Trek episode "The Devil in the Dark," which incidentally was Leonard Nimoy's favorite episode, and thus a fitting choice for this figure.

The action figure itself is very well sculpted, with a great likeness of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock.  It comes with two heads, so you can change his facial expression, as well as two sets of hands, one of which holds a phaser.  The phaser is not removable, but you can just swap out the hand for one not carrying the phaser if you don't want him to hold it.  It also comes with two tricorders, one with an open flap, and one with a closed one.  That seems a little excessive to me, did we really need TWO tricorders?  But I guess complaining about there being too many accessories would be nitpicking, as most of the time action figures don't have enough. 

The arms are very well articulated, and can hold a variety of positions, such as making a Vulcan mind meld with the Horta, firing the phaser, or using the tricorder.  But the legs are where this figure falls short.  There is absolutely no articulation on the legs, instead you get two pairs of unarticulated legs, one kneeling, and one standing, that you can swap out.  And the legs are not even balanced properly for the figure to stand on, you must use the base and plug the holes in the feet into the pegs on the base in order for the figure to stay upright.  So essentially what you have is not really an action figure, but a customizable diorama piece.  So if you're the kind of toy collector that likes to collect things to display on a shelf, then this works great for that.  If you actually want to "play" with your toys, then this one falls short.

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