Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Jimmy Olsen Freedom Force Skins

I've got four new Jimmy Olsen Freedom Force skins to share today.  First up is Jimmy Olsen as Elastic Lad

Next, we have Jerry "Rock 'N R'Olsen" Olsen, who I blogged about in my previous post.

Next, I have this fine "Old Man" Jimmy Olsen.

No Jimmy Olsen collection would be complete without a Transvestite Jimmy Olsen.  Click here to learn more about Jimmy Olsen's love of cross-dressing.

Finally, I have four of my older Jimmy Olsen skins with some minor updates.  From left to right, I have Ventriloquist Dummy Olsen, Cub Reporter Jimmy Olsen, Wolfman Olsen, and Bizarro Jimmy Olsen.

All of these skins are available to download here.

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