Monday, November 2, 2009

Weird Rock Music: Cindy Nahaeeka - Monster Men

Hey folks, our band, Cindy Nahaeeka (pronounced SIN-dee NAH-hah EEK-uh), just put our latest album out on Halloween. We thought we'd share it online if anyone wants to check it out.

Track Listing:
01 - March of the Monster Men (Instrumental)
02 - Motorcycle Men (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)
03 - Groovy Sunshine Love (Lead Vocals: Gourmet O.J., Esq.)
04 - Silver Submarine (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)
05 - But I Am Not A Monster (Lead Vocals: Chad Cadmium)
06 - Frankenstein (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)
07 - Astronauts and Alcohol (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)
08 - Hobo Sauce (Lead Vocals: Chad Cadmium)
09 - Super Times (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)
10 - Farm Life (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)
11 - Conniving Things (Lead Vocals: Chad Cadmium)
12 - Halloween (Lead Vocals: Atomic Robot)

UPDATE: The links to this seem to be all dead.  If you want a copy let me know, maybe I can email one to you or something.

-edited May 13th, 2011 to remove dead links

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