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The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - The House on Possessed Hill (1978)

In "The House on Possessed Hill," Joe and Frank cross paths with Stacey, a girl who supposedly has psychic powers, played by a young Melanie Griffith.  After Stacey predicted the injury of a young child, the child was really injured, causing the local townspeople to think Stacey is a witch, and that her prediction caused the injury to happen.  The townspeople are pursuing Stacey like the villagers in an old Frankenstein movie, and she and Joe take refuge in a spooky old house that appears to be haunted.

The Hardy Van Pulls Up to the House on Possessed Hill
What follows is a fun episode with a creepy hypnotist, a bank robbery mystery, psychic powers, a haunted house, and ghosts.  The episode tries to have it both ways in the supernatural department, by coming up with a seemingly logical explanation for all of the supernatural goings on by the end of the episode, only to end with a last minute stinger where Joe sees the actual ghost who haunts the house, similar to the end of "The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew meet Dracula."

Joe and Stacey
Melanie Griffith is especially fun to watch here, giving a pre-fame performance that is both sweet-natured and unhinged at the same time, so it is as equally believable that she is actually psychic as it is the she is mentally ill, but still making her a sympathetic character either way.

"Yes boys, hypnosis is a serious business.  A man's business.  Not to be trifled with."
Another fun thing to look for in this one is the house itself, which is the same set used as the home of Norman Bates in Psycho.  The interior of this set (with a different, Non-Psycho exterior) was also used in the season 1 episode "The Disappearing Floor."  Also, the interior of the hotel Frank checks in to is the same set used in two previous episodes, "The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom" and "Acapulco Skies."

"You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy.  When I count to 10, you will open your eyes and think that you are a chicken."

The White Stripes - Hypnotize

More screencaps after the break...

The Bright and Hollow Sky

The Hypnotizing Chicken

He Looks Through His Window Side - He Sees the Things He Knows Are His

Running Through the Woods Like a Phantom in White

Bad Men

"Get in the Car"

Melanie Griffith Has Teeth in Her Mouth
Frank Hardy

He Looks Through His Window - What Does He See?

He Sees the Stars Come Out Tonight

I am the Passenger (in Joe Hardy's Van)

The Chicken Sees All



Joe Hardy

Joe Peeks In the Dark Corners

Some Weird Ring

A Portrait of the House's Original Owner: Eyebrows J. McStashalot

"I Like Ghosts."

Angry Villagers Armed With Flashlights

Seriously, She Has, Like, the Cutest Teeth

Angry Villagers Loitering in Front of the Bates House

Desk Clerk: "Ah, Mr. Hardy, so good to have you back."
Frank: "But this is my first time here."
Desk Clerk: "Ah, but of course."
Shaun Cassidy's Original Lyric Sheet for "Hey Deanie."

Touching A Statue's Mouth Because "Why Not?"

The Mysterious Ringed Hand Strikes Again!


Frank is the Passenger

A Dramatic Pose at Night

Frank in the Shadows

Peeping Frank

"Seriously?  As if a haunted house, hypnotists, and ghosts weren't enough?  Now I've got to deal with creepy dolls?  Come on!  Save something for the next episode, guys!"

"Hi there, I'm dead!"

Joe Sticks His Head in the Hole

"Hey, hey, hey!  Still dead!"

A Mysterious Figure Stands in the Doorway

It's The Ghost of Eyebrows J. McStashalot!

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