Monday, February 22, 2016

Bat-Music #8 - Les Hou-Lops - Batman

Bat-Music #8 - Les Hou-Lops - Batman

Proving Batmania wasn't limited to the United States, here's a sweet version of the Batman theme with added lyrics, sung in French!  Les Hou-Lops were a band of yé-yé boys from Québec active for a few years in the 1960s.  For a while, they all had bleached white hair as a gimmick, and called themselves les Têtes Blanches (which translates to English as the White Heads, unfortunately) but had to stop doing that after getting sued by another French Canadian band with all-white hair called Les Classels (which translates to The Clash!)

The video below is a must-see, if only to check out their weirdo lead singer as he shoves the guitar player out of his way twice when he gets in between him and the camera, employs a series of bizarro dance moves, and inexplicably lip-syncs to the female vocals on the chorus of "Batman." Fun stuff.

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  1. Being from Montréal, I have the added bonus of understanding the lyrics. The weird lyrics are, for me, what makes it memorable. At one point he sings: "Batman and Superman, beat up all the bad guys. Batman and Superman, you too will be grown-ups. If you love somebody... and if somebody loves you. Batman."

    If you think that something has been lost in translation, don't worry, nothing has. Trust me, it doesn't make any more sense in French.