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Batman, Episode 8 - Rats Like Cheese (1966)

Batman, Episode 8 - Rats Like Cheese (1966)
50 years ago today...
"Rats Like Cheese," the eighth episode of the Batman TV series, premiered on February 3rd, 1966.  This episode saw Batman and Robin continue their battle against Mr. Freeze, as introduced in the previous episode.  Mr. Freeze is even LESS exciting in this episode, as he spends all of his time in his refrigerated headquarters, so he never wears his costume, or uses his freeze gun.  Basically he's just a weird German guy in a smoking jacket.  Yay.

Batman and Robin Trapped in Mr. Freeze's Lair

Bat-Facts for Rats Like Cheese: 

Special Guest Villain: George Sanders as "Mr. Freeze"

Featured Gadget: Mr. Freeze's Room Temperature Remote Control Box

Onomatopoeias: "Biff!!!  Whamm!!  Sock!  Pow!!  Zam.  Crunch!  Zlonk!"

Comic Book OriginsBased on the 1959 story "The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero" from Batman #121, written by Dave Wood and drawn by Sheldon Moldoff.
The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero
More screencaps after the break...

Gotham City Hospital

Defrosting Batman and Robin

Law Enforcement Officials Look on Helplessly
Will They Survive?
Situation: Grim

Newsflash!  Batman and Robin are Alive!

Alfred and Robin Track Batman

Batman Tracker

Batman Looks to the Sky

Mr. Freeze Has Batman's Utility Belt

"You Fiend!"

Batman and Robin Being Fed Their Last Meal

Mr. Freeze Contracts the Heat, Freezing Batman and Robin

Batman Turns the Tables on Mr. Freeze

Freeze's Henchmen

Biff!!!  Whamm!!  Sock!  Pow!!  Zam.  Crunch!  Zlonk!

O'Hara and His Men Are Late to the Party

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