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Batman, Episode 10 - A Death Worse Than Fate (1966)

Batman, Episode 10 - A Death Worse Than Fate (1966)
50 years ago...
"A Death Worse Than Fate," the 10th episode of Batman, aired February 10th on ABC TV.
This was the second episode to feature Anne Baxter as guest villain Zelda the Great.  Like in previous episodes where Batman tangled with a female villain, Zelda ends up in love with Batman, and Bruce Wayne promises her a job working in a children's hospital after she is paroled to help with her reform.

Evol Ekdol Threatens the Batman with Magic Tricks

Bat Facts for A Death Worse Than Fate

Special Guest Villain: Anne Baxter as Zelda

Onomatopoeia: None.  This is one of the few Batman episodes to not have a fist fight.

Featured Bat Gadget: Bat Cuffs

Robin's Catchphrase: "Holy Crossfire."

Original Comic Book Story: Based on the 1965 story "Batman's Inescapable Doom-Trap!" from Detective Comics #346, written by John Broome and drawn by Sheldon Moldoff.
Detective Comics #346

More screencaps after the break...

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program..."

Billionaire Bruce Wayne, Police Commissioner Gordon, and Robin the Boy Wonder plead for Aunt Harriet's life on live TV.

"Gosh, Batma... err, I mean Billionaire Bruce Wayne!"

"He wore a scarlet tunic, a blue green hood, it looked quite good."

Zelda and Evol

Evol Hires Hitmen to Murder Batman

The Batmobile Cruises in Search of Danger

Evol and Zelda Spy on Batman

Under Surveillance

To Whom It May Concern!

A Clue!

Entering The Magician's Workshop

Batman and Robin Behold Something Strange...

An Inescapable Death Trap!

Ekdol Taunts the Duo with a Bat Skeleton

The Mad Alabanian Genius Rants

An Explosion!

Guns in the Sarcophagi



Zelda Behind Bars

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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