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Batman, Episode 7 - Instant Freeze (1966)

Batman, Episode 7 - Instant Freeze (1966)
50 years ago today...
"Instant Freeze," the seventh episode of the Batman TV series, premiered on February 2nd, 1966.  This episode saw the premiere of "Mr. Freeze," the Batman villain known as "Mr. Zero" in the comic books.  DC Comics would later rename the character "Mr. Freeze" in the comics as well, to match with the show.  Mr. Freeze has a great gimmick for a themed villain. His body must be kept at 50 degrees below zero, and he commits ice-themed crimes with the aid of his Freeze Gun. George Sanders doesn't imbue the character with a striking personality the way previous villains Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, and Cesar Romero did.  Aside from some odd German pronunciations, he is a pretty bland character.  This and the following episode were the only ones where Sanders would portray Mr. Freeze.  Freeze would reappear for a pair of episodes in Season 2 played by Otto Preminger, and again fro a pair of episodes in Season 3, this time played by Eli Wallach, both of whom would inject a bit more life into the character.

Mr. Freeze in his temperature controlled hideout.
Bat-Facts for Instant Freeze:
Special Guest Villain: George Sanders as "Mr. Freeze" 
Featured Gadget: Mr. Freeze's Freeze Gun

Robin's Catchphrase: "Leaping Lumbago!"

Weirdest Sign or Label: "Giant Lighted Lucite Map of Gotham City"

Onomatopoeias: "Pow!!  Crash!  Thwapp!  Ooooff! Biff!!!  Pow!!"

Comic Book Origins:  Based on the 1959 story "The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero" from Batman #121, written by Dave Wood and drawn by Sheldon Moldoff. 

Giant Lighted Lucite Map of Gotham City

Human Popsicles!
Check back later today, when I'll be posting about the next Mr. Freeze epsiode, "Rats Like Cheese."

More screencaps after the break...

Pow!!  Crash!  Thwapp!  Ooooff! Biff!!!  Pow!!

Gotham City Ice Skating

Batman Studies The Report

Chief O'Hara and Commissioner Gordon

George Sanders

The Batcave

Portable Freezing Chamber

Batman Warms Himself With a Cup of Hot Tea

Gotham City Diamond Exchange

Star of Kashmir

Frosty the Security Guard

March of the Batmen

Robin and Batman Lock Their Arms Into Battle Position

Jack Frost is Nipping at The Batmobile's Nose

Mr. Freeze Loves Baseball References

Robin and Batman are Mortified by Their Cloud-Written Humiliation

Interdigital Batsorter Anti-Crime Computer

World's Most Valuable Diamond

Driving After Dark

Menacing Mr. Freeze

Action Poses!

Has Batman Struck Out?

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