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Batman, Episodes 13 and 14 - "The Thirteenth Hat," and "Batman Stands Pat" (1966)

Batman, Episodes 13 and 14 - "The Thirteenth Hat," and "Batman Stands Pat" (1966)
50 years ago...
The 13th and 14th episode of the Batman TV series aired on ABC TV.   Episode 13, "The Thirteenth Hat," aired on February 23, 1966.  Episode 14, "Batman Stands Pat," aired on February 24, 1966. 

These were the first episodes to feature David Wayne as Jervis Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter.

Robin Strapped on a Horse
The Mad Hatter is a villain obsessed with hats and headgear.  He begins a campaign to get revenge against Gotham City and Batman for testifying against him in court and sending him to prison.  So he kidnaps 12 citizens of Gotham (all who wear unique and distinctive hats), each one representing one of the 12 members of the jury that convicted him.  All of this leads to a scheme to steal the most famous headgear in Gotham: Batman's cowl, thus revealing Batman's secret identity and ruining his crime fighting career.

Bat Mirror Mishap
Robin's catchphrases in these episodes included "holy switcheroo," hot diggety," and "holy ricochet."

Super Instant Mesmerizer
These episodes adapted portions of various comic book stories featuring the Mad Hatter, including:
  • "The Scoop of the Century" from Batman #49 (October-November 1948), written by Bill Finger and drawn by Bob Kane and Lew Schwartz.
  • "The Mad Hatter of Gotham City" from Detective Comics #230 (April 1956), written by Bill Finger and drawn by Shedlon Moldoff.
  • "The New Crimes of the Mad Hatter" from Batman #161 (February 1964), written by Dave Wood and drawn by Shedlon Moldoff.

Detective Comics #230
More screencaps after the break...

The Thirteenth Hat

A Mannequin Awaits Batman's Cowl

The Sculptor's Swinging Studio

The Mad Hatter's Clever Disguise


Batman and Robin are Dumbfounded by the Stupidity of the Hatter's Disguise

Batman Prepares to Punch the Mad Hatter in the Face

The Thirteenth Hat Onomatopoeia

Batman is Knocked Under the Super Fast Hardening Plaster Dispenser

Batman is Covered With Super Fast Hardening Plaster

Robin is Helpless

The Thirteenth Hat Cliffhanger

Batman Stands Pat

Attempting to Break Open the Plaster Cast of Batman

Blinking Lights in the Batcave

The Mad Hatter Spies on His Latest Victim

Cappy and Dicer

Turkey Bowinkle Falls Victim to the Mad Hatter's Super Instant Mesmerizing Device

Jervis Tetch, aka The Mad Hatter

Batmobile in the Alley

The Hatter Peers Out of His Window

Robin and Batman Climb to the Hatter's Headquarters


Lawmen on the Prowl

Don't Count Out the Batman

The Hatter With His Moll Lisa

Batman Stands Pat Onomatopoeia

One Henchman for Each Fist

Deadly Spikes in the Hat Factory

Robin and the Mad Hatter Fight at the Edge of the Acid Bath

A Trophy for the Batcave

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