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Batman, Episodes 17 and 18 - "True or False Face" and "Holy Rat Race" (1966)

Batman, Episodes 17 and 18 - "True or False Face" and "Holy Rat Race" (1966)

"True or False Face" and "Holy Rat Race" were the 17th and 18th episodes of the Batman TV show, airing on ABC March 9th and 10th, 1966.  The episodes featured the only appearance of the villain "False Face."  False Face was a master of disguise, whose true face was always disguised by an opaque plastic mask.  The opening credits listed "Special Guest Villain ? as False Face."  A man named "?" may seem strange to modern audiences, but in 1966, it could only mean one thing...  False Face was being played by ?, aka Question Mark, of the garage rock band Question Mark & the Mysterians, whose hit single "96 Tears" was the 5th most popular song on the Billboard Charts for 1966!  Rock on!!!

"Special Guest Villain ? as False Face"

Question Mark

Question Mark & the Mysterians - 96 Tears

 The Riddler's Favorite Band?

Alas, the end credits of the second episode revealed that the actor was actually Malachi Throne, aka "That Guy."  As in you know his face from a hundred different TV guest spots, but you never really know who he is.  You know, "that guy."

False Face First Appeared in Batman #113, Drawn by Sheldon Moldoff
Robin's "holy" exclamations in this episode include, "Holy Houdini," "Holy bouncing boilerplated fists," "Holy transistors," and "holy wigs."

I should really label my TV with a sign that reads "Television."  Less confusion that way.

More screencaps after he break.

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