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Batman, Episodes 15 and 16 - "The Joker Goes to School," and "He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul" (1966)

Batman, Episodes 15 and 16 - "The Joker Goes to School," and "He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul" (1966)
50 years ago...
The 15th and 16th episode of the Batman TV series aired on ABC TV. Episode 15, "The Joker Goes to School," aired on March 2, 1966.  Episode 16, "He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul," aired on March 3, 1966.

Money in the Milk Machine
These were the second pair of episodes to feature Cesar Romero as The Joker.

Dick Grayson: Juvenile Delinquent

In these episodes The Joker is released from prison, and buys a coin-operated machine company that makes things like pinball games, jukeboxes, and beverage and snack dispensers.  He rigs the machines at Dick Grayson's high school to dispense money, stocks and bonds instead of milk and candy bars.  For instance, insert a dime in the milk machine, and instead of a bottle of milk, you'll get $20 worth of silver dollars.  By doing this, The Joker hopes to dissuade the students form studying and working hard, and instead enjoy "easy living" which will eventually lead them to a life of crime.  It's up to Batman to convince the students that "nothing in life is free."  Meanwhile, Dick Grayson goes undercover as a juvenile delinquent in order to infiltrate The Joker's gang.

Batman and the Head Cheerleader

Robin's exclamations in these episodes included "holy magician," holy Las Vegas," "holy fruit salad," "holy alphabet," "holy ball and chain," "holy Benedict Arnold," "holy hailstorm," "holy murder," and "holy New Years Eve."  Additionally, the narrator chimes in with "holy cow-juice."

Gotham Noir

More screencaps after the break...

The Joker Goes to School

Batman Describes The Joker as a "Master of Disguise"

The Joker Gets Batman's Goat

"Oh my, look at the time!"

The Batman Makes the Scene at Woodrow Roosevelt High School.  Good Old Woodrow Roosevelt, America's 2@th President!

In the Joker's Coin Machine Workshop

A Gift for a Girl Criminal

Mexican Perfume!  Nothing but the Classy Stuff When You're With the Joker!

Robin Does His Homework in the Batcave

Suzie Tampers With the Coffee Dispenser

The Dark Streets of Gotham City

The Joker Has Dealt Himself Seven Aces!  Smooth.

"Hello Dominos?  I'd like a large pizza topped with cotton candy and peanuts, please!"

The Old Knock-Out Gas in the Milk Machine Trick

Batman and Robin Strapped in to Electric Chairs

"Breaker breaker, good buddy, this is your old pal the Joker!"

Batman Lemon Horror

He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul

Analyzing Clues in the Batcave

Easy Living Candy Store

"Suzy Creamcheese, honey, what's got into ya?"

"Hiya, Sue-baby, how's tricks?"

Dick Grayson Wants In On The Crime Action, Dig?

Batman and Robin Come Under Fire

The Joker!

Attempted Murder at the Girl's Locker Room

Disko Tech

The Shadow of the Bat!

Swinging Into Action!

Synchronized Punching!

With His Well-Honed, Muscular Physique, Batman Tossed Barbells Around Like They Are Ragdolls!

Grisly Ghoul Onomatopoeia

The Joker's Sneezing Powder Has No Effect on the Mighty Batman

The Joker Takes a Batarang to the Skull

Crime Does Not Pay

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