Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blog Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that my blog updates are going to be a bit sparse this week.  I've just got off an eight day work week, and spent most of today in bed sick, so it hasn't left me much time to blog.  I didn't post a TV review on Monday, but I am working on one, and that feature should be back next Monday.  I probably won't post a "Thrift Store Thursday" post this week either, as I haven't had much time to go shopping, and my NEXT day off is Friday.  As for my Tuesday Toy Review, I think I might stop doing doing that on Tuesdays, and just post those any time in the week where I have the opportunity.  I'm also going to try to do more movie reviews,  I haven't done much of those lately, as I've been focusing on TV and toys.  So I might alternate, with a movie review one week, a toy review the next, or something like that.  I just wish I had more spare time to blog, if I did, I would probably post every day.


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