Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrift Store Thursdays: Batman! Batman! Batman!

Thrift Store Thursdays: Batman!  Batman!  Batman!
Hi Folks!  Joshua "The Atomic Robot" Raymond here, welcoming you to the latest addition of Thrift Store Thursdays, where I share my latest scores of used toys and other pop culture memorabilia from thrift stores, eBay, garage sales, flea markets and wherever I else I find them.

This week I've got Batman on the brain.  Why?  Because we are just a few days away from Toy Fair, where a whole line-up of Adam West/Batman 1966 toys are going to be revealed.  I can't wait to see them!  In the meantime, though, I thought it would be fun to check out some OTHER Batman toys.  Most of these I picked up in a lot on eBay, except for the Super Powers Batmobile, which I purchased separately on eBay, and some of the Happy Meal toys, which I picked up at thrift stores.  Let's check them out...

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Mini Figures
First up is a whole mess of Batman: The Brave and the Bold mini figures.  I think these were originally Happy Meal toys. From left to right we have: Batman, The Spectre, Two-Face, Black Manta, The Penguin, A Bat-Robot, Solomon Grundy, and The Joker.  In the middle is a pile of duplicate figures.

Happy Meal Action Figures, Plus Batmobiles
Here are some more Happy Meal action figures.  These ones are larger, maybe around 3 inches or so.  From left to right: Animated Series Batman, Brave and the Bold Batman, Brave and the Bold (I think) Superman, and Brave and the Bold Joker.  In front of these guys are a trio of Batman: The Brave and the Bold Batmobiles.

Batman Action Figures
From left to right: Some kind of silver knight Batman (with a sword and shield), some kind of weird armor Batman (kind of reminds me of Azrael), A copper colored Batman from Batman (1989) or Batman Returns, and a Batman/Bruce Wayne figure with a removable outfit.
Bruce Wayne Figure With Bat-Armor, and Without

A trio of motorcycles, featuring a Joker "chopper," A sleek Batcycle, and a Joker motorcycle with detachable sidecar.
The Joker Motorcycle With Sidecar Detached

Penguin Power
Here's a flock of Penguins, featuring a Penguin Umbrella Plane, two animal penguins, and two "The Penguin" action figures with umbrellas.
The Penguin Umbrella Plane

Some Miscellaneous Bat-Junk
I'm not really sure what these two items are.  The green one has wheels on the bottom, like it's supposed to be a car or something.  The black one might be some weird kind of jetpack, maybe.  They both have holes with springs in them on their fronts, suggesting they once shot missiles of some sort.

Batmobiles!  In the middle is a miniature Tim Burton Batmobile.  On the left is the regular sized Tim Burton Batmobile.  On the right is a Super Powers Batmobile.

Action Features
The Tim Burton Batmobile has a trunk that opens, and some missile launcher looking things on the hood.

Super Powers Batmobile
This Super Powers Batmobile has pop-up headlights, a pop-out battering ram, and pincers that pop out of the rear to capture criminals.  I bought this on eBay, and when it arrived, it was a lot more damaged and beat up than I thought it would be.  It's got a lot of scratches, is popping apart at the seams, it's missing the steering wheel, and one of the windows is broken.  The description on eBay wasn't really deceptive, but they took photos from just the right angles that made it look nicer than it was.  Still, I only paid a couple of buck for it, so I was satisfied with the purchase.  It'll do for now, until I can get a nicer one for my collection.

Well, that's it for this edition of Thrift Store Thursdays.  Check back in the next few days for more info on the 1966 Batman toys.  I'll be writing about them when I get some more info.  Same Bat-Time.  Same Bat-Channel.


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