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Batman, Episodes 21 and 22 - "The Penguin Goes Straight," and "Not Yet, He Ain't" (1966)

Batman, Episodes 21 and 22 - "The Penguin Goes Straight," and "Not Yet, He Ain't" (1966)
50 years ago...
The 21st and 22nd episode of the Batman TV series aired on ABC TV.   Episode 21, "The Penguin Goes Straight," aired on March 23, 1966.  Episode 22, "Not Yet, He Ain't," aired on March 24, 1966.

Commissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara Interrogate a Criminal
These were the 2nd pair of episodes to feature Burgess Meredith as The Penguin.

The Penguin Protective Agency, Incorporated
The Penguin begins a REVERSE crime spree!  Instead of committing thefts, he starts preventing them, and forms the "Penguin Protective Agency" to protect the valuables of Gotham City's wealthy elites.  Batman and Robin believe this is merely a ruse to get his hands on and steal the valuables he is supposed to protect.  The Dynamic Duo attempts to replace a set of valuable jewels with replicas, to protect the real jewels from The Penguin.  But The Penguin catches Batman and Robin in the act, and accuses them of burglary.  Now Batman and Robin are the ones on the run from the law!

Cruising in the Batmobile
There's some fun stuff in these episodes.  Be on the lookout for Harvey Lembeck, who played "Eric Von Zipper" in the "Beach Party" movies.  He plays The Penguin's henchman "Eagle-Eye."

Cruising in the "Birdmobile"
Also look for the scene were Batman and Robin pretend that they have become mentally unbalanced and are going to kill The Penguin for revenge (don't worry, it's all part of their plan).  Burt Ward's twitchy performance in this scene is a hoot.

Batman and Robin's Corpses, After Being Gunned Down by the Cops
Finally, check out the Batcycle in the second episode.  It's the original Harley Davidson version of the Batcycle, which was only used once.  All subsequent versions featured the more heavily customized Yamaha Catalina Batcycle that was used in the 1966 feature film (mostly with stock footage from the film).  Robin has a full-sized sidecar on this bike, as opposed to the detachable go-kart he has on the Catalina cycle.

The Original Harley Davidson Batcycle
Robin's catchphrases in these episodes included "holy nick of time," and "holy leopard."

These episodes were loosely based on the comic book story "One of the Most Perfect Frame-Ups of All Time!!" from Detective Comics #58, where The Penguin, in his comic book debut, frames the Batman for a crime and has him arrested.

More screencaps after the break...

Commissioner Gordon is Astonished to Learn The Penguin is Preventing Crimes Instead of Committing Them

Batman and Robin: Safecrackers!

In the Bathhouse

Penguin Gloats

Setting Up Shop

Fabulous Jewels

Breaking and Entering

Batman and Robin are Wanted Criminals

The Penguin Eats a Giant Bucket of Imported Sardines

In The Batcave

Batman and Robin Crack Under the Pressure and Devolve Into Violent Twitchy Weirdos

Gordon Declares That Batman Will Receive a Hero's Funeral, Despite Turning in to an Insane Criminal at the End

The Penguin's Nose Gets in the Way

This Loot Under the Protection of Penguin Protective Agency

Umbrella Buttons

Racing on the Batcycle

The Police Gun Down Batman and Robin

Plotting Their Next Move

White Wedding

Pow!  Boff!  Pow!

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