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Batman, Episodes 23 and 24 - "The Ring of Wax," and "Give 'Em the Axe" (1966)

Batman, Episodes 23 and 24 - "The Ring of Wax," and "Give 'Em the Axe" (1966)

50 years ago...
The 23rd and 24th episode of the Batman TV series aired on ABC TV.   Episode 23, "The Ring of Wax," aired on March, 30, 1966.  Episode 24, "Give 'Em the Axe," aired on March 31, 1966.
Batman Looks to the Skies

These were the third pair of episodes to feature Frank Gorshin as The Riddler.
The Riddler Celebrates His Victory

The Riddler concocts a "universal solvent wax" as part of a scheme to steal "The Lost Treasure of the Incas." This adventure takes Batman and Robin to a spooky wax museum, a candle factory full of boiling wax, and a room full of medieval torture instruments.  This episode also feature Linda Gaye Scott as The Riddler's moll "Moth."  Moth wears a skintight purple jumpsuit that looks a bit like a preview of Batgirl's costume in season 3.
The Lawmen Visit the Library

Robin's catchphrases in these episodes include "holy mucilage" and "holy paraffin."

Batman Worries About Robin's Safety

More screencaps after the break...

Robin in Danger

Ancient Incan Sarcophagus - Do Not Expose Contents to Air

Dangling Above Death

Batman Handles The Riddler

Batman Flaps His Cape

The Riddler and The Moth

Interviewing the Librarian

Spying Moth

Laughing Madman

Entering the Dark Vault

Time for Violence

A Can Full of Spray-Crime

Hole in the Wall

Batman and Robin Plan Their Next Move

Rear Entrance to the House of Wax

Maniac Eyes

Dead Crimefighters

"Hello Dominos?  Riddle me this: how do you fix a broken pizza?  Answer: with tomato paste! Hee-hee-hoo-hoo-hoo!"

Boy Wonder is Captured

A Squirt Gun Rigged Wax Statue of The Riddler

"Now, where to find the rare old books on the treasures of the Incas?  They must be around here somewhere..."

A Boiling Pot of Doom

A Barrel of Explosive Chemicals

On Display Starting Monday - Sarcophagus of Hualpo Cuisi - Ancient Incan Emperor

The Shadow of the Bat

Robin Stretched out on the Rack

The Universal Solvent Wax in Action

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