Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Universal Studios Monsters "The Mummy" Boris Karloff Action Figure - Sideshow Toys (1998)

Sideshow Toys' The Mummy Boris Karloff Action Figure (1998)

Boris Karloff as the Mummy is the 19th monster of MONSTER MONTH!  This 7 inch action figure of Boris Karloff as The Mummy was released by Sideshow Toys in 1998.  It's got a nice paint job and sculpt with lots of well done texture and details.  The articulation is a bit limited, but still miles better than the version Diamond Select put out a decade later which had 1 point of articulation (the neck).  It comes with a few nice accessories, including a base for the figure to stand on, a chest that opens, a scroll, and stone tablet covered in hieroglyphics.

The Mummy

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  1. This was a really cool series. I didn't discover it until around 2010 or so, but this is one of the few I was able to pick up. The accessories with these guys are really cool. That stone chest is just a really fun accessory.