Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Masters of the Universe ReAction "Skeletor" Retro Action Figure - Super7 (2016)

Super7's 3 3/4" Masters of the Universe Skeletor Action Figure (2016)

MONSTER MONTH Day 5 is here, with the "Evil Lord of Destruction" himself: Skeletor!  This Skeletor is from Super7's new line of 3 3/4" Masters of the Universe figures.  These toys reimagine the Masters of the Universe as if they were designed by a company like Kenner in the same style as their 3 3/4" Star Wars figures.

Think Evil Thoughts

Skeletor has the classic 5 points of articulation, and comes with his Havoc Staff as an accessory.

The card art on these figures is amazing, and has me tempted to buy two copies of each figure so I can open one and display the other on the card.

OK, OK... I admit it.  It is just random nonsense.
Trust me, there's a reason for all this "Bo Duke" as an avatar of Death stuff I have been posting.  It's not all just random nonsense.

Action Figures of Evil

Black Horse 


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