Monday, October 10, 2016

Star Trek Gorn Retro Action Figure - Funko/Super7 (2015)

Star Trek - Gorn - Funko ReAction Figure (2015)
MONSTER MONTH reaches Day 10 with the fearsome alien reptile species known as the Gorn!  This fellow is from the season 1 Star Trek episode "Arena," which originally aired January 19th 1967.  In the episode powerful aliens called Metrons place Captain Kirk and the captain of the Gorn spaceship they have been pursuing on a deserted planet and command them to fight to the death.

CAPTAIN'S LOG, SUPPLEMENTAL: "Weaponless, I face the creature the Metrons called a 'Gorn'. Large, reptilian... Like most Humans, I seem to have an instinctive revulsion to reptiles."
This is a really nice action figure, possibly my favorite from the Funko ReAction Star Trek line.  Both the sculpt and the paint apps are very good, better than figures of of the Enterprise crew. That's probably because there weren't any likeness rights to negotiate for The reptilian alien, freeing the artists at Funko to do their best work.

The Reptile and The Mustache

Bonus!  Music Video:
Motorhead - Love Me Like a Reptile

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Captain Kirk Mork Vs. the Gorn

Put a Spork in Mork, He's Done

Star Trek

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