Friday, October 14, 2016

The Worst "Gas Phantom" (Midnight Special Version) - Super7 (2016)

The Worst - Gas Phantom (Midnight Special Version) (Super7, 2016)
Day 14 of Monster Month is being haunted by Gas Phantom: "Ethereal Specter of Evil!"  Gas Phantom is one of the new retro 3 3/4" action figure line from Super7: The Worst!  The Worst are Super7's take on classic monsters like vampires, robots, and mummies, but all with some cool new twists, and done in the style of classic Kenner figures from the 1970s and '80s.  This figure is from the "Midnight Special" release of these figures, which are variant colored versions of these figures.  The Midnight Special Versions of these figures were released about a month ago.  The "regular" painted versions of these figures will be released some time in the future.

The Worst features awesome card art by Ed Repka

Gas Phantom has the standard retro-style 5 points of articulation, and comes with a gas gun that fits easily in his hand, and a rubber tube to connect the gun to the gas canisters on his back.  He fits in great with vintage figures and modern retro figures alike.  he has a great sculpt with lots of neat little details. One of the things I like is the rope that runs around his neck and back, which reminds me of the rope that Robot Reaper uses as his belt. It seems like there are little details like that throughout this toy line that help to tie all the figures together.  I'll be featuring every figure from The Worst "Midnight Special" set this month, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Gas Canisters

T. Rex - Life's a Gas

The Gas Gun


The Victim

Two Phantoms


The Gas Gun

Phantom Horses

The Worst

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  1. Gas Phantom really reminds me of Kenner's Mr Freeze from Batman: the Animated Series. I like him quite a bit.