Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mattel's Batman Classic TV Batmobile

The Batmobile's "Face"
One of the most amazing things about the new line of 6 inch "Batman Classic TV" action figures is not the action figures themselves, but the fact that they are making a huge, scale model, screen accurate 1966 Batmobile to go along with them.  It really is big, too.  At 18 inches long, it pretty much dwarfs every other Batmobile in my toy collection.

Batmobile: Side View
It's made out of plastic, and feels a bit on the light and flimsy side.  Nothing was broken on mine, or anything like that, but I wouldn't want to drop it.  This is definitely a toy for adults who can treat it with care, not for rough playing kids.

Half Car, Half Bat!
The tires are made out of hard plastic, not rubber, and would likely get scuffed up very quickly if you rolled it on asphalt or any abrasive surface.  On the plus side, rubber tends to break down over time, so the plastic tires should last longer in the long run.  Aside from the rolling wheels, this Batmobile does not have any other moving parts, like doors that open, or any sort of action feature.

The OTHER side!
Even if the construction is a little on the flimsy side, it looks great.  The black plastic has just the right amount of gloss to it.  The sculpt looks just about perfect.  I haven't compared it to any photographs of the actual Batmobile, but everything looks just the way I remember it.  The interior is full of little details that are fun to look at.

Inside the Batmobile Cockpit
It took a little bit of work to seat my Batman and Robin figures inside the vehicle properly.  Doors that opened would have helped with that.  It also would have helped if I realized that the seat belts came loose, which I only figured out after spending minutes fumbling with the figures, trying to slide them under the belts.  But once I did get them seated, they looked great inside the car.

Couple of Lowriders Cruisin' the Gotham City Strip
Over all, I think this is a really good toy, and an essential part of any Batman 1966 collection.  I bought mine at Target, and I'd recommend buying it from them as well, as they seem to be selling it $10-$20 cheaper than anywhere else.

Driving Into the Batcave
Next week I'll hopefully have a review of NECA's 18 inch Adam West Batman figure (it's scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, so hopefully I'll be able to post something on Thursday or Friday).  I'm really looking forward to that one, it looks amazing.

The Batphone is Ready to Call Commissioner Gordon

Batman, Robin, and the Batmobile

Robin With the Wind Blowing Through His Hair

The Undercarriage

Chillin' in the Batcave


Jan & Dean - The Flight Of The Batmobile

Liz Phair - Fire Up The Batmobile

The Gotham City Crime Fighters - Who Stole the Batmobile?

War - Lowrider


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