Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Playing With My Toys: Batman and Robin Versus The Martian Commander

I'm currently working on a couple of Hardy Boys epsiode reviews, my Robocop review, and taking photos of some Batman toys.  But while I was doing that, I got carried away and ended up doing this...

Batman and Robin Versus The Martian Commander
Batman and Robin are investigating reports of strange goings-on on the Moon!

"Wait here, old chum, while I check it out."

Who's this mysterious character?

A Martian!


Has Batman finally been defeated?

Robin, to the rescue, with his trusty batarang!


The Martian is knocked on his face!

Batman is okay!  Time to bring the Martian to justice!


"This is for zapping Batman!"


The Moon is safe!  Looks like this "Martian" is about to become a "jailbird!"
Space Patrol

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