Friday, December 26, 2014

Tron 20th Anniversary Retro Action Figures - Originally Released by Tomy (1982), Reissued by NECA (2002)

Tron action figures were originally released by Tomy in 1982.  There were four figures, Tron, Sark, Flynn, and a generic soldier/guard dubbed "The Warrior."  In addition, Tomy produced two lightcycles, red and yellow, that the figures could ride in.  The figures were molded in translucent plastic with minimal stylized paint apps.  Tron, Flynn, and Stark had 5 points of articulation (head, legs, and arms) and came with a glow in the dark disc that they could hold in their hands, or plug in to a hole in their backs.  The Warrior had 4 points of articulation (arms and legs) and came with a glow in the dark staff.  The figures are a little bigger than Kenner Star Wars figures, but still in the same basic scale.  They are more like a full 4 inches than Kenner's 3.75 inch figures.

Sark and The Warrior

The figures in my photos are not actually vintage.  They are 2002 Tron 20th Anniversary rereleases from NECA.  NECA rereleased the original four figures and two lightcycles, as well as produced a third lightcycle in blue.

Flynn and Tron

More photos after the break...

Flynn and the X-Ray People

Tron Versus Sark and Darth vader

Space Patrol

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