Saturday, November 28, 2015

Funko Garbage Pail Kids Vinyl Figures: Mad Mike, Ali Gator, and Dead Ted

Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike, Dead Ted, and Ali Gator
Today I'm back for round 3 of my look at Funko's Garbage Pail Kids Really Big Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures.  In my previous installments I featured Tee-Vee Stevie, Adam Bomb, New Wave Dave, Bony Tony, Nasty Nick, amd Hot Scott.  Today I'm looking at Mad Mike (a Conan-style barbarian), Ali Gator (half kid, half alligator), and Dead Ted (a rotting zombie).

Mad Mike, Ali Gator, and Dead Ted on their original trading cards
Mad Mike comes with two accessories, a sword and an axe.  He can hold either one in his left hand, but it's hard to make him hold them both at once because his right hand is kind of loose.  I got him to hold his axe in that hand, but just barely, and only by pointing it down to the ground and balancing it just right.  Ali Gator comes with a fish he can hold, in addition to the the fish that is sculpted in his mouth.  Dead Ted does not come with any accessories.  Like all of the other figures in this line, each figure has an identical body sculpt, a unique and highly detailed head sculpt, a really nice paint job, and three points of articulation on the arms and head.  Check out my photos of these guys and let me know what you think of them.

Bungle in the Jungle


This one is dedicated to Mad Mike...
The Darkness - Barbarian

More photos after the break...

Mad Mike Surveys His Swamp Jungle Kingdom

Ali Gator Enjoys Eating a Fish or Two

Dead Ted

Dead Ted's Head

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