Sunday, November 15, 2015

Super Powers Collection "Aquaman" Vintage 5 Inch Action Figure - Kenner (1984)

Kenner Super Powers Aquman Action Figure (1984)
Aquaman was one of the characters featured in the first wave of Kenner Super Powers figures in 1984.  He originally came with a trident which I sadly no longer own.  He also came packed with a mini-comic where he teamed up with The Flash to fight The Penguin.  I was going to say that was an odd combination of characters, but then I thought about it, and penguins are aquatic birds, and The Flash does have the power to run on water, so I guess it works.

Squeezing Aquaman's arms together activates his power action:  a "deep sea kick," which is basically him kicking his legs like he was swimming.  Which is perfect for this character, and I often imagined him swimming under water as a kid while playing with it.  Check out the photos after the break as Green Lantern pays a visit to Aquman...

Aquaman and His Pal Mr. Fish


Songs and Stories About the Justice League of America - Aquaman


Aquaman Sits And Chats With a Fish

Aquaman: "Be honest Mr. Fish, Do these trunks make my aquabutt look fat?"

"Why, hello there, old chum!"

"Look, Mr. Fish!  It's my Super Buddy Green Lantern!"

Aquaman: "Would you like to hold Mr. Fish, Hal?"  Green Lantern: "Err... no thanks, Arthur."  


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