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The Brides of Dracula (1960)

The Brides of Dracula (1960)
The Brides of Dracula is not the most accurately titled movie, as neither Dracula nor his brides appear in it.  Rather, it follows the adventures of Doctor Van Helsing, who killed Dracula in the previous film in this series, "The Horror of Dracula."

Van Helsing and the Baroness
Dracula is still dead, and now Van Helsing has set his sights on another group of vampires, led by the evil Baron Meinster.  This is where the film falters a bit.  David Peel, who plays the Baron, has absolutely none of the menace or charisma that Christopher Lee had as Dracula.  When ever the Baron appears on screen flapping his cape or making bloodshot googly eyes at his victims, the effect is comical rather than scary.

Baron Meinster
Still, Peter Cushing is excellent as Van Helsing, and the rest of the cast is solid.  Over all it is still an effective horror picture, even without Christopher Lee, although his absence does prevent "Brides" from being a classic on the level of it's predecessor.

The Corpse Opens Her Eyes

Horse Drawn Carriage

The Castle Meinster

Vampire Pajama Party

Rising From the Grave

Van Helsing is Horrified

"Ahh, what a lovely night to rise from the dead!"

The Meinsters' Servant, Creepster J. Weirdsley

The Baroness

Grieving Father and the Town Priest

Van Helsing in the Graveyard

A Bat Takes Wing!
Vampire Gina
Van Helsing Parts a Red Curtain

The Baron Flaps His Vampire Cape

Amazing Vampire Eyes


The Brides

He's Sort of Like a Blonde Vampire Liberace

Choking Out Van Helsing

"France's Latest Sex-Kitten."

Face Melting Fun

Burning Windmill

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