Friday, November 20, 2015

Superman on the refugee crisis...

This has been making the rounds on the web the last couple of days, mostly due to a tweet by Oliver Willis, and I thought it would be worth reposting here.  After the Islamic State terror attacks in Paris, there has been a backlash against refugees, which I think is very sad.  Syrian refugees have been tortured, murdered, and raped in their home country, and they need safe places they can go.  Helping these families find new homes is the decent, human thing to do.  If we turn them away, we are doing exactly what the murderers from Islamic State want us to do, and it it seems like the more xenophobic members of our society are willing to do just that.

I'm not willing to do that, and I hope you are not, either.  I urge you to stand with Superman, and "lend a friendly hand" to our fellow human beings in their time of need.

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