Sunday, October 14, 2018

Rocky Horror Picture Show ReAction Retro Action Figures - Funko/Super7 (2016)

Rocky Horror Picture Show ReAction Figures by Funko and Super7 (2016)
In early 2016 Funko and Super7 released this set of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" ReAction figures.  Even though the figures don't appear to have licensed likenesses of the actors, they do a pretty good job of capturing the costumes and the characters, down to even some very small details and clever use of accessories, and all of the figures are instantly recognizable.

Brad and Janet

Janet Weiss

Brad Majors

Janet's Handbag

Magenta and Riff Raff


Riff Raff

Riff Raff's Filthy Rag

Magenta's Duster

Frank and Columbia

Frank's Cape


Columbia's Hat

Frank N Furter

Frank's Tattoo

It's super TINY... but they actually sculpted the name "Janet" on to Janet's necklace!
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  1. I don't own any of these but this line did turn out really well. It's kind of crazy how much the quality varied between individual lines. Some of the lines were really good (Universal Monsters, Horror Reaction, Jaws, these, Big Trouble in Little China, Nightmare Before Christmas) while others (Buffy, Terminator, Escape from New York) had terrible quality. I think that really hurt the line overall. I'm glad Super7 is releasing more figures but there prices always seem a smidge to high. Nice picks, but it's a shame they didn't release Rocky.

    1. Yeah, I agree, the quality was all over the place with the Funko ReAction figures. I think they were just releasing way too many figures at once. They were going for quantity over quality. It's basically the same thing they do with their Pops, but the Pops have a simpler standardized design, so it's easier to crank them out. Figures like these need more attention to the details.

      That's why I'm happy that Super7 is doing ReAction solo now (even with the higher prices). They are putting out less figures, but they pay a lot more attention to the design, sculpt, and packaging.

      And I also think the 3.75" figures that Funko has done WITHOUT Super7, like their Batman 1966 figures, are a lot nicer as well. Both companies seem to do better on their own. Although, if the rumors I've heard are true, Funko might have abandoned their 3.75" figures, and if so, that's a bummer.