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Knight Rider - "Halloween Knight"

"Halloween Knight"
Knight Rider - Season 3, Episode 5
Original Airdate: October 28, 1984

Halloween Knight

the horror...

How much Halloween kookiness can be crammed into one episode about the adventures of a vigilante crime-fighter and his talking car?  So much your brain will hurt.

The episode begins with KITT's mechanic Bonnie stuck alone with a cold in her new apartment, as the other residents in the building have a loud Halloween party.

Bonnnie downs some night-time cold medicine, and then witnesses a gorilla murder a woman through her window before passing out!  The next day, everyone just assumes she was hallucinating, but Michael Knight believes her, so he and KITT begin an investigation to find out what really happened.

"Darling, don't you monkey with the monkey!"

During the investigation:
  • The theme music from Psycho is played on the soundtrack, but done in Knight Rider's signature 1980s synthesizer style!
  • A dead body appears and dissapears in a bathtub!
  • A witch threatens to put a hex on Michael unless he gives her KITT to use as her "Witchmobile!"
  • A spectral floating demon head talks backwards!
  • Michael visits a horror movie prop house and is nearly cut in half by an axe!
  • A gorilla driving a car tries to run Michael over!
  • Michael meets a sweaty, knife-wielding, Norman Bates wannabe with a collection of taxidermied animals and bugs!  Bonnie later goes on a date with him!
  • Michael and Bonnie find a dead body in a house that is a dead ringer for the Bates Motel Psycho house!
  • Michael gets into a sword fight at a costume party!
  • Michael finally catches the murderer at a drive-in showing The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Spectral Demon Head

Oh!  The Humanity!
The episode concludes with Michael and KITT solving the mystery and capturing the killer, who was using Hollywood special effects to trick Bonnie into thinking she was hallucinating.

But in a final twist, the show ends with Michael falling under the spell of the "Witchmobile" witch!  As Michael bends down to look at the food she has prepared in a crock pot, KITT uses his super powers to analyze what is in the pot, and is horrified by what it contains.  He begs Michael not to look in the pot, but the bewitched Michael smiles benignly and stares into the pot as the image freezes and the credits roll!  Spooktacular!

Coroner at the Psycho House
More screencaps after the break...


Gene Shalit Clown

Gorrilla Warfare

Trans Am Pentagram

KITT Bewitched

Party Pad

Gorilla Fur on the Doorknob!

"I need it for my Witchmobile!"

Dead Woman in the Bathtub

Blue Angel

Sgt. Skelebones

Desiccated Mummy

Skeleton Decoration

Gentleapes Start Your Engines!

Michael Gets Run Over by an Ape Driving a Car

Turbo Boosting Through Windows

Norman's Bugs

Norman Baines

Knife in Boot

Coffee, Tea, and Embalming Fluid

Nervous Norman

"It's a trick!"

KITT Drives to the Psycho House


"Hey look Bonnie, a dead body.  Neat." 

Dead Body

Poison Gas Through the Vent!

"Costume?  What costume?  I always wear a powdered wig on Tuesdays!"

Check out the "Wolf-Man Darth Vader" next to Pumpkin Dan.

Prop re-use alert!  Norman Baines is wearing a "Silver Shamrock" Jack-o'-lantern mask from the movie "Halloween III."

Kentucky Fried Knight Rider

A Patriotic Mustache Clown

Prop re-use alert, part 2!  Zorro is wearing a "Cylon" helmet from "Battlestar Galactica!" 

"Does this smell like a key to you?"

Col. Sanders Vs. Zorro!

The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Everyone at the drive-in is wearing red and blue 3-D glasses, even though it is a plain black and white non 3-D print of the movie.

Michael Decides the Best Way to Enter the Drive-In is to Crash KITT Directly Through the Movie Screen

"It's Chicken Lickin' Good!"

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  1. Wow - SO bizarre. I don't recall this episode, at all. So very 80s.